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Business information systems data bases are initially designed to support the operational needs of the organization. They are focused to help control operational activities which are in place to create or distribute products and services. The data collected for these purposes is stored in a manner that is convenient to directly support operations. Secondary or analytical reporting often referred to as management information has traditionally been an afterthought in the data base development process.

The challenge is to establish facilities that can take advantage of operational data bases to allow for generation of supplementary operational support reporting and analytical reporting that is not integrated with operational information systems. Another important criteria for such reporting facilities is that they be readily usable by non-programming professionals.

QUIKREP is WISL's answer to these reporting needs. QUIKREP is installed at each site to address the unique challenges of the existing operational data bases. Specific links and references are established to enable QUIKREP users to effectively access the operational data bases. QUIKREP is presented in an interactive framework that facilitates ease of use by beginners but also provides for support for the development of quite advanced reporting.

The process of generating a report with QUIKREP is essentially a translation of requirements from the requestor through the QUIKREP user to the generated code that executes on the server. Clearly the effectiveness of the translation by the QUIKREP user is the most important factor in the process.